Popsicle Stick Photo Ornaments – School House

Popsicle Stick Photo Ornaments

My daughter recently had her school picture day and they turned out so darn cute. I decided it would be fun to make these into adorable school house Christmas ornaments for grandparent gifts from my daughter! Let me show you how I made these simple popsicle stick photo ornaments in the shape of a school house! Get it, their school photo in a schoolhouse…cute, right!?

Popsicle Stick Photo Ornaments

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These are the supplies I had on hand from past projects. You can definitely use what you have at home, but below are links to what I used:

Here is how I put my school houses together.

The house has 6 popsicle sticks horizontally. I cut and glued two vertical popsicle sticks to the front and back to keep it together (four in total). I cut and glued two popsicle sticks to the front for the roof.

If your child is old enough you could have them paint the front of the house.

Trim the photo into the shape of the door and hot glue it to the house.

Along the left of the photo hot glue your “door”. I used a piece of left over fabric.

Hot glue a piece of yarn around the door frame. Hot glue a pom pom as the door handle.

Knot a piece of string/yarn to a jingle bell and hot glue the string to the backside of the roof. Trim the excess string.

Hot glue another piece of yarn in a loop. That is it!

I had my daughter write her name and the year on the back which also serves as great letter and number writing practice!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope these ornaments bring you as much joy as they do to me!

Popsicle Stick Photo Ornaments
Popsicle Stick Photo Ornaments
Popsicle Stick Photo Ornaments

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