Rental Lighting Hack – DIY No Wire Lighting

DIY no wire lighting

Having a home built in the 70s comes with its own set of challenges. In our hexagon shaped living room there is absolutely no hard wired lighting (you heard that right, 0!). I am not ready to commit to any hard wired lighting at the moment so I decided to add some beautiful sconces to the left and right of our TV above the fireplace. This is an excellent rental lighting hack and does not require any holes in the wall! This is the simplest DIY project I have done to date. Let me show you how I added this DIY no wire lighting.

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  • Sconce (These are the ones that I purchased. They are on sale right now! Another option I found online that is more affordable are these. Note: I did not use these so I cannot vouch if they will work or not with the tape.)
  • Double Sided Mounting Tape
  • Puck Lights (I used these. They come with two round pieces of double sided tape.) or Battery Operated Lightbulbs
  • Triple A Batteries (These puck lights require 3 AAA batteries each)

Step 1

Add the batteries to each puck light. The puck lights I have linked above each come with a round piece of double sided mounting tape. I used these to stick the puck light to where a lightbulb would have traditionally gone.

*Do this first before attaching the light to the wall. I did it second and it was a bit harder than it needed to be.

The black circle is the tape.

Step 2

Add a few pieces of the other double sided mounting tape (the roll of it linked above) to the back plate of the light and stick it on the wall! That is really it. It is so insanely simple.

The beauty is that I can hard wire these at a later date if I want to.

A few things I want to mention. We did use our laser level to figure out exactly where we wanted the lights to go, but a good old measuring tape can do the trick.

These puck lights have to be manually turned on when you want to use them, similar to a traditional lamp (pre Alexa ha!). They do sell puck lights with a remote option if that appeals to you more.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

DIY no wire lighting
DIY no wire lighting

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