DIY Christmas Door Mat (Anthropologie Inspired Santa Claus Door Mat)

DIY Christmas Door Mat

I know we are at least a good two months away from Christmas, but apparently once November 1st hits Christmas d├ęcor is fair game! I have had this project in the works for awhile now and finally got my act together to complete it. After seeing the Anthropologie Santa Claus doormat, I thought “I can make this!”. I love pink and wanted mine to be different so I of course decided to make mine all about Mrs. Claus! Let me show you how I made this fun DIY Christmas door mat inspired by the Anthropologie Santa Claus doormat.

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Step 1

With a sharpie, draw curved lines on each corner of the mat to get the oval shape of her face.

Place a sewing mat or something similar beneath your doormat (to protect your floor) and cut the mat with a box cutter. You will need to score the lines and continue to score until it is cut all the way through.

Step 2

Using my design below as a reference, paint each element of the face onto the doormat. For more videos of the process, please visit my Instagram page.

Here is how I did mine:

I started with the pink Santa hat first. I drew a pink outline and then filled it all in with a larger brush.

I then painted on her bangs and hair in white using the same technique as above.

I drew the outline of her blouse neckline, button and ball for the hat with a black sharpie. I then filled them in with white.

I put the glo writer cap onto the pink bottle (it fits perfectly!). I drew the outline of the nose and cheeks. Then, I filled those in with a brush.

I drew her mouth and filled it in with the black paint with the glo writer cap. Then I went over the sharpie lines with the paint as well.

I used a sharpie to outline the eyebrows and eyes.

I filled in the eyebrows with white paint and the eyes with black paint.

Finally, I used my white with the glo writer top to draw stars all over the hat. This was a bit tricky and looked a little too thick in some areas. If you come up with a better way to do this, let me know!

*I cleaned the glo cap before transferring it to a different paint color each time!

The white line of her hair in the above picture was a bit too much for me, so I used paper towel to dab/blend it out.

Let it dry for a few days per the paint instructions. Then, enjoy!! Thank you for being here, have a wonderful Holiday season.

DIY Christmas Door Mat
DIY Christmas Door Mat

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