Haunted Halloween Village DIY (Glow in the Dark)

Haunted Halloween Village DIY
Haunted Halloween Village DIY

I honestly have never really done too much for Halloween in terms of decorations. We never get any trick or treaters on our street, but this year I did a few spaces in my home…just for me (well the kids love it too)! I wanted something spooky and fun for my entryway so I made this haunted Halloween village DIY out of wooden birdhouses. It looks cute during the day, but my favorite time is looking at it when it is getting dark. And yes, it really does glow in the dark. Is it incredibly bright? No, but it looks cool enough for me.

Let me show you my take on the haunted Halloween village DIY and how I made it glow!

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Flower House

Haunted Halloween Village DIY

I used FolkArt Cool Bisque for the body and Americana Spiced Pumpkin for the accent color. I want to mention that I used this orange over black (I had to do several coats) because I changed my mind mid-way. I really loved how the color turned out!

I took three tiny skeletons that I had left over from my DIY Halloween wreath project and hot glued them to the fence.

For the eye, I hot glued the eye to the end of a popsicle stick and then hot glued the stick to the inside of the round opening. I had to cut the stick down to get it to fit.

On the roof tiles painted Cool Bisque, I painted the Ultimate Glow paint on top, 2 coats. I also used the ultimate glow paint on top of the bisque fence posts and on the mini skeletons. I wrote “Help” on the roof using the glo in the dark paint writer.

Black and Orange House

Haunted Halloween Village DIY

I painted the body of the house using a black craft paint. For the trim and windows, I used the Spiced Pumpkin. It looks a bit brighter since it was not used over black this time.

I cut up a few popsicle sticks and hot glued them over a few windows. I went for rough, messy cuts.

On the roof, I did two coats of the Ultimate Glow paint and then hot glued the spiders on. I glued them on the sides too.

On the doors and steps, I did two coats of the ultimate glow paint.

I hot glued the eye by just adding a bit of glue to the opening.

I used FolkArt Fresh Foliage for the base.


Haunted Halloween Village DIY

I cut three popsicle sticks down to look like headstones and painted them grey. I hot glued each headstone to a tiny piece of popsicle stick so they would stand up. My five year old helped me paint these! I then used a sharpie to write on each headstone.

Black and Green House

Haunted Halloween Village DIY

I used black and the same Fresh Foliage green for the stripes. I used a tiny flat brush to get my lines straight. Turn your brush to the side, and press lightly all the way down in a straight line, then fill in. I pushed in the string at the very top into the hole so you could not see it anymore and hot glued a mini skull over the hole.


I found the tiny birds at Michaels and spray painted them black!

Floating Witch Hats

Draw a half circle on a piece of paper (you could tie a string to a pencil to draw it).

Cut it out and roll it to make a cone. Trim it down to the size you want.

Hot glue the cone so it does not unravel.

Trace circles onto paper and cut them out. Hot glue them to the cones.

Put hot glue on your clear string and insert into the top of the hat.

Tape to the wall or ceiling!

Spider Webs

I accidentally stumbled upon this as I was gluing things to the houses. Those hot glue strings totally look like spider webs! Add some glue to the house (like on the roof) and then drape the string to another part of the house and repeat! No need to buy any spider webs from the store.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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