DIY Halloween Door Mat

I wanted to have a “proper” front porch for Fall and Halloween this year…why not. I have seen so many cute and funny Halloween themed door mats, so I finally made my own. The hard part was getting my letter template just right, but since I did that for you it will be easy! Let me show you how I made my DIY Halloween door mat. I hope to have the rest of my front porch done soon so be sure to come back for that!

DIY Halloween Door Mat

I found this fun Halloween pun with a quick Google search. There are a ton to choose from. This one reminded me of my all time favorite show, Parks and Recreation. If you have not seen it, stop what you are doing and start binging it now!

I did use my Cricut to create my stencils, however you do not need to use a Cricut if you do not have one. I have alternatives below.

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Step 1

Use this file to print out your stencil template with your Cricut. If you have a 12×24 mat you are good to go. If not, move the words over to new mats to accommodate your 12×12 mat. I used my light grip mat, cardstock and had to weed a bit to get the letters out. Cut out each word and save the insides of the letters.

I have a 12×12 mat. I used one sheet of cardstock as well as two other smaller pieces of cardstock cut out to fit the entire mat. I know this is the Medium Grip Mat. I used this first and it was too sticky, but you get the point.

If you do not have a Cricut, you can purchase letter stencils. I have linked a couple above in the supply list that might work. Another option is to use Word or Canva to write out the saying. I used 289.64 point font. Print onto cardstock and use an exacto knife (or something similar) to cut the letters out.

Step 2

Arrange your word templates on the mat and tape each word down. Do not tape the insides of the letters. I used a small ruler to adjust the words to get them lined up. Take your time to get it exactly how you want it.

DIY Halloween Door Mat

If you are using individual letter stencils, you will need to trace each letter onto paper, cut the letters out and lay them onto your mat to determine where each letter should go. Mark the top left corner of each letter with a sharpie so you know where to place your stencil.

Step 3

Once you have your words where you want them, dab your round brush (I used a makeup brush that I have for projects – I don’t use this for makeup!) over your stencil with the black paint. You will probably need to go over it at least twice. For letters a, e, and o I held the inside of the letter in place with my finger as I dabbed the paint around it.

Step 4

Remove the templates. Take your tiny flat square brush and fill in any spots that need it. Let it dry for 72 hours per the bottle before walking on it. That is it!

DIY Halloween Door Mat
DIY Halloween Door Mat

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