DIY Double Framed Mirror – Builder Grade Mirror Upgrade

DIY Double Framed Mirror

I am so close to finishing our guest bathroom budget makeover! One of our final projects was making over our builder grade bathroom mirror. I looked into completely replacing it with two smaller mirrors, but mirrors can be quite expensive and I did not want to spend that much money. We decided to leave the mirror, but add a pretty frame. Oh, and we worked around those silly mirror clips. Let me show you how we made this DIY double framed mirror!


Step 1

Measure and cut your four pieces of trim with 45 degree angles at the corners. We used our miter saw for the cuts. Make sure that each parallel piece is EXACTLY the same length so your frame comes out square.

Step 2

Wood glue and attach the 90 degree angle clamp, one corner at a time. Wipe the excess glue. We let each corner sit with the clamp for 1 hour to be safe and then moved on to the next corner until all four were done.

DIY Double Framed Mirror
DIY Double Framed Mirror
DIY Double Framed Mirror

Step 3

Once dry, sand your frame really well to prepare it for painting.

Step 4

Spray the front and back of your frame with black spray paint. The back will be visible from the reflection in your mirror (since it will not be flush) so I also did the back.

Step 5

Once dry, I did two coats of this vintage brass paint on the front and one quick coat on the back. If I had rub n buff on hand (antique gold is my favorite) I would have used it instead but this paint worked out nicely.

Step 6

Our mirror is attached with those pesky clips. We were originally planning to notch out wood in our frame so it would sit flush against the mirror. However, the trim I chose was too thin. I have seen others online hang their frame like a picture frame over the mirror. We did try this but it was not working for us (it was really hard to make sure it was not too high or too low with the countertop backing in the way).

So, we ended up using this super simple solution! We glued the mirror with super glue. We applied the super glue to each of the clips and pressed down. Our frame bowed at the bottom left corner so we added glue there as well. It has stayed perfectly for a few weeks now.

You can still slightly see the clips if you look really hard at an angle, but I do not think it is that noticeable.

DIY Double Framed Mirror
DIY Double Framed Mirror

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