DIY Fluted Cabinet Doors

DIY Fluted Cabinet Doors

I have seen fluted furniture online and it has always caught my eye. Finally, I found the right project to give it a go! I wanted to give my bathroom cabinet doors something extra (without replacing the entire vanity cabinet which was out of budget) and I think it turned out so beautiful! Let me show you how I made these DIY fluted cabinet doors for my guest bathroom vanity!


  • Half rounds
  • Wood glue
  • Miter saw
  • Sand paper/block
  • Clamps
  • Scrap wood
  • Paint (I actually used a cabinet paint for the first time! The color is Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster.)

Step 1

Remove each cabinet door and drawer if possible (we had to leave one drawer in as well as the fake one beneath the sink).

Use a scrap piece of wood attached to some plywood as a ledger board to make a mark on your half round to determine the length. We did this once per door/drawer. Don’t assume every door is the same.

Step 2

Cut your half rounds. We cut ours with our miter saw using a nail and scrap wood as a stop block to make consistent cuts.

Step 3

Bundle the wood per door/cabinet together and label them for later.

Step 4

Sand the half rounds as needed and each door/cabinet front a bit (just to rough it up) before gluing.

Step 5

Apply wood glue to the entire door front and smooth with a scrap board. Place each half round down and adjust with a board so they are all lined up. Be sure to wipe any excess glue. Once the entire cabinet door/drawer is glued, place scrap wood on top and clamp it down overnight.

Step 6

Time to paint! We painted ours with Behr Cabinet paint in Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster. I absolutely love this color!

I painted the old cabinet knobs and pulls in the same cabinet paint/color so it all blends really nicely together and I did not have to spend any money on new pulls.

DIY Fluted Cabinet Doors

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  1. Love this! Exactly what I have in mind. How have they been holding up with a more humid, bathroom space?

    1. Hi Madison, thank you so much! We have had them for a few months now and they are holding up great….and this is mostly my five year olds bathroom (she is a bit messy at the sink ha).

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