Painted Countertop DIY (Under $75)

Painted Countertop DIY

I literally have tried and failed four times while trying to makeover my guest bathroom countertop. I tried to do faux marble, contact paper (twice), and painting it with the wrong paint:/ Finally, I found a really great product and I am in love with the result…and it was so EASY. We are not doing anything fancy here, just a nice solid color that complements my bathroom beautifully. I did not have the budget to put in a new countertop (mine is very large which makes it even more pricey). Let me show you how I did this painted countertop DIY with only two main products and around $60!


Here is where I started:

Step 1

Clean your counters and make sure they are dry. Now would be the time to remove old caulk (if it looks gross or is falling apart) and replace it/let dry. Make sure you replace it with paintable caulk that also inhibits mold growth like this one.

Tape off the walls/anywhere you do not want paint to go.

This paint is awesome because no stripping, sanding, or primer is required!

Step 2

Paint the entire counter and the caulk with the Beyond Flat paint. This paint is very very thick, on purpose. I used a smaller brush for the backsplash area and around the sink. Then, I used a 3/8 roller to do the rest. I did not love the texture created by the roller so I ended up not using on it on the second coat.

Let it dry per the instructions and then apply the second coat. Like I said above, I used a smaller brush for the backsplash area and around the sink and a larger brush for the counters. I personally didn’t love the roller and I don’t mind the brush strokes.

My counter needed a third coat in certain spots as I could see the old counter peeking through a bit. I had just enough to brush on a third coat over the entire countertop.

On the backsplash you can see some of the old counter peeking through

I waited for 24 hours per the instructions and the moved on to Step 3.

Step 3

Apply the Beyond Paint satin top coat. I did this with my two brushes being sure to brush away any bubbles.

Let it dry and apply a second coat.

Painted Countertop DIY

I let it dry overnight and then we started using the sink again just for hand washing (I didn’t put anything back onto the countertop except for the soap). I kept paper towels nearby since my oldest is messy and just wiped up any water that got on the counter. I wanted to be sure to let the paint fully cure.

That is it! Just three simple steps. This brand also sells countertop flecks if you are interested in a granite look. A really simple and affordable way to update the look of your countertops!

Painted Countertop DIY

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