DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse (w/ Washi Tape & Wrapping Paper)

DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse

My girls are at the perfect ages to start enjoying a dollhouse. As I was searching online for one, I noticed how expensive they can be! I didn’t want to spend upwards of $100 or more, so I decided to convert a simple white 6-cube bookshelf from Target (that I already had, it was only $29) into a DIY bookshelf dollhouse.

I did not want to draw the roof on the wall, so the washi tape was the perfect solution. It will be very easy to take off the wall without ruining it, very renter friendly also!

Let me show you how I made my DIY bookshelf dollhouse with washi tape and wrapping paper.

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Step 1

Attach your wrapping paper to the front of the three white cardboard backings (that come with the bookshelf). I just traced the backing onto the wrapping paper, cut the paper out and taped them down.

Step 2

Assemble the bookshelf and attach the cardboard backings with the nails provided per the instructions.

Step 3

Using the Washi tape, add a roof, chimney, and window in fun colors!

Step 4

I decided to add an ombre green rooftop deck to this dollhouse since it works so well with the doll furniture I have. I know it also has a “roof” but who cares, its pretend anyway right!

I just eyeballed each piece of green tape (it was about 9-10 strips per color). It took all of the green tape I had to cover the roof, how perfect!

Once I was done, I used my X-Acto knife to remove the overhanging tape from the front.

DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse

Step 5

I decided to add some washi tape clouds in rainbow ombre colors. I picked out three colors per cloud, taped them onto computer paper and then cut out a cloud shape. I put some tape on the back and stuck them to the wall.

Step 6

I added a fun ombre “painting” to the upper middle room that did not have any wallpaper. Using the same process as the clouds, I taped down various colors of tape (making sure it would be enough to fit inside of the popsicle frame). I traced the popsicle sticks and cut out the rectangle. I glued the popsicle sticks to the “art” and taped it to the wall.

Step 7

This bookshelf is a bit big for our doll furniture so I kept two cubes for books! Last minute I made three simple windows with white pipe cleaners, scissors, and hot glue.

That is it! It was honestly so simple, easy and really affordable.

  • DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse
  • DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse
  • DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse
  • DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse
  • DIY Bookshelf Dollhouse

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