Ice Cream Art with Yarn – DIY Home Art for Kids

DIY Home Art for Kids
DIY Home Art for Kids

I had originally intended on making a pom pom rainbow art piece for my daughters room but this idea came to me midway through this project and now we have ice cream! I adore this glittery yarn, so many fun projects to be had. Let me show you how I made this DIY home art for kids with just yarn! So fun, glittery, and 3-D!

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Step 1

Cut a piece of scrap plywood with a miter saw. Mine is 16″ wide by 14″ tall. If you want to purchase a pre-cut piece, Michaels has a lot to choose from.

Step 2

Cut LOTs of pieces of white yarn longer than the width of the plywood (long enough to wrap around the back and glue down).

Step 3

Hot glue each piece of white yarn to the front of the plywood board. I put glue down the left and right sides, not in the middle.

Step 4

Flip the board over. Wrap the excess yarn around to the back and hot glue it down. Trim any super long pieces so they do not show when you hang it.

Step 5

Make your pom poms. I made nine in various colors. You will need to make a simple cardboard template in whatever size you would like your pom poms to be. You will need two identical pieces for the template. Trace a circle onto cardboard. Trace a smaller circle inside the larger circle. Cut both out. Cut an opening. Repeat so you have two that are identical.

Wrap your yarn around the both template pieces, around 2-3 layers so it is chubby.

Cut a piece of string and put aside.

Using the sewing seam ripper or sharp scissors, cut in between the two cardboard pieces all the way around, using it as your guide. Hold tight so everything does not fall apart. Wrap that piece of string through the two pieces of cardboard all the way around and tie a knot.

Step 6

Trim the pom pom tails off and hot glue them to the front of the board on top of the white yarn.

Step 7

Add cross pieces with the brown yarn to make cones! Hot glue each piece. I also ended up adding a cherry (small pom pom) and sprinkles as I felt it needed something more!

  • DIY Ice Cream Wall Art
  • DIY Ice Cream Wall Art

Step 8

If hanging, hot glue a sawtooth hanger to the back and secure with strong tape.

There you go! A fun and sweet piece of wall art perfect for a child’s room or playroom! Thank you so much for stopping by! Please share if you made this DIY home art for your kids.

DIY Home Art for Kids

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