DIY Kids Shelves (Hexagon Flowers)

DIY Kids Shelves
DIY Kids Shelves

My husband actually made these wood hexagon shelves years ago for my daughters nursery, before this blog existed! They used to have a wood stain on them. I decided to keep them for her big girl room but give them a fun makeover by turning them into DIY kids shelves made to look like flowers. Fun fact: We happen to have a hexagon shaped living room that is sunken in so these tie in nicely with our funky home!

Since we made these a long time ago I do not have any pictures of how he built these shelves (ugh a bloggers worst nightmare!) but I will do my best to walk you through the process.

Let me show you how we made these fun DIY kids shelves.

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Step 1

Cut six pieces of wood for one hexagon with a miter saw. Each of our longer outer edges are about 4 7/8″ long. Each of our shorter inner edges are about 4″ long. Where each piece connects it will need to create a 120 degree angle.

Step 2

Glue the six pieces together with wood glue. Clamp and let them sit overnight. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make more shelves. If you do not want to make these on your own, they are selling them at Target.

Step 3

Paint each hexagon. We used our Wagner paint sprayer with the Bayberry color. We also added BB Frosch to our paint because they were previously stained and I wanted to keep the prep simple (not a lot of sanding). Note: I did try to paint them by hand after a light sanding and the paint was not adhering well. This is why I went with a paint sprayer and the BB Frosch paint additive.

Step 4

Hang each shelf on the wall. I traced the hexagons onto paper and taped the papers onto the wall where I wanted them. I attached sawtooth hangers to the back of each shelf and hung them on the wall with standard picture hangers.

Step 5

Trace around each hexagon with pencil directly onto the wall and take the shelves off the wall. Draw flower petals on every side with pencil. I just did this freehand.

Step 6

Paint the flower petals. I did two coats and one final detail coat using the Charlotte’s Locks color. Do as many coats as you need. I should have used a flat paint but I already had this sheen. I used a small sized filbert brush for the two coats and a tiny flat brush to do a final detail coat.

DIY Kids Shelves

Step 7

Using a fine point sharpie paint marker, draw a black line around each petal. Near the end one of my markers wasn’t working well so I grabbed a fresh one. Just a heads up in case you were thinking of only buying one.

I drew the black line to make each flower pop and to tie this wall into the rest of the room which has black and white elements.

That is it! Fun and funky shelves perfect for a child’s bedroom!

DIY Kids Shelves

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