DIY Pendant Flags

DIY Pendant Flags
DIY Pendant Flags

And the DIYs just keep on coming for my daughters big girl room! I made two really simple, affordable and colorful DIY pendant flags. I decided to a sunshine flag for the wall above her headboard and a rainbow name flag for the rainbow gallery wall!

Sunshine is meaningful to me since it is a play on her name, “Rae of sunshine”. Get it?! For the headboard wall, I needed something that if it fell would not hurt her. I think this was a practical and fun solution. I don’t love when I see pictures of glass frames above a kids bed or a crib. I am always worried it will fall and hurt my kid!

I love creating simple and affordable DIY wall art that can be made in a couple hours. Let me show you how I made these DIY pendant flags!

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  • Craft felt (Name flag: White, Red, Candy Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue) (Sunshine Flag: Antique White, Yellow, Baby Pink)
  • Canva (Illustrator, Word or hand drawn would also work)
  • Printer
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Push pins

Step 1

I created my templates using You can sign up for a free account. I created a new design using the poster template (18 x 24 in).

“Sunshine” is in the free Bakerie Bold font in 432px. I added a free circle and triangle shape as well to make the suns. Download the file and print it out.

“Rae” is using the free Marykate Outline font in 808px. Download the file and print it out.

Step 2

I marked the midpoint on the 9″ side of my 9×12″ felt in pencil. Using a straightedge (anything will work – book, lid, whatever) draw a line from the midpoint to both edges of the felt.

Step 3

Cut out your triangle and the letters/shapes.

Step 4

For “RAE” I just traced the cutouts onto felt and cut them out. I did two per letter to give it more dimension.

For “Sunshine” (since the letters were smaller and thinner) I taped them backwards to the fluffier side of the felt and cut them out. I also doubled up the letters to create dimension on this flag as well.

Step 5

Hot glue the felt words and shapes to the triangle flags! I hung them up on the wall with clear push pins and some rolled up tape for the pointy end.

DIY Pendant Flags
DIY Pendant Flags

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