DIY Closet Door Mural (Rainbow Sunburst)

DIY Closet Door Mural

The time has finally come! My daughter is ready to have her own big girl room! My “client” asked for rainbows and flowers. With that in mind, I did a DIY closet door mural on her bifold closet doors. 

I ending up doing this project twice. My first attempt is below. I think it turned out really cute but it didn’t feel right after I made her rainbow headboard and purchased her bedding. I decided to go in a different direction! Sometimes things do not turn out right at first, it is ok to take your time to make it right!

DIY Rainbow Sunburst Mural
My first attempt! If this is more your style, the colors are (in order from left to right) Farrow and Ball Charlotte’s Locks, SW Flattering Peach, SW Golden Plumeria, Sherwin Williams Aquacade, Sherwin Williams Aqueduct, SW Greenhouse, SW Aviary Blue, SW Flyway, SW Dress Blues, SW Awesome Violet, SW Euphoric Lilac, SW Oleander

Let me show you how I made this fun, colorful DIY closet door mural!

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The steps will be a bit wonky since I did this twice, so bear with me!

Step 1

I painted the doors white to start using Super White by Benjamin Moore in the pearl sheen. We used this white in our kitchen and plan to use it in other rooms as we get to it so we had some on hand.

Step 2

The next day, I marked the halfway point on the far left and far right closet door panels with my tape measurer. I cut string the length of the middle of the doors to where I marked the midpoint on one of the doors with a little extra for the pencil. I tied my pencil to the string. My husband held the string in the middle and I drew the arch while tightly pulling on the pencil.

Step 3

I used painters tape on the wall where I wanted the rays to be. It was easy to pull on and off until I was happy with their placement. I originally chose 12 rainbow paint colors so I decided to do 12 rays, 6 on the left and 6 on the right.

Step 4

Once I had my painters tape where I wanted it, we measured each piece of tape and wrote it down. We cut each piece to length and brought the ones back in that needed to be cut again (so the doors could open). We held those to the doors over the tape and marked with a pencil and speed square where they needed to be cut. Then, we cut them with our miter saw.

Step 5

On the 2nd attempt, I painted the sun with Valspar Summer Gold. I did the outer edges of the arch freehand with a filbert brush and the inside with a larger paint brush, two coats in all.

I originally painted all of the trim pieces in the rainbow colors and then glued them to the door. On the 2nd attempt, I just painted over the trim pieces that were already attached to the doors. I liked the texture that the trim created.

Step 6

Glue each trim piece on carefully with super glue. Wear gloves! Be careful, one of our longer pieces popped off and we had to re-glue it.

Step 7

I first taped off all of my sun burst lines. Using a large straight edge, I marked each with a pencil and removed the tape. I wanted to be able to paint all sections of the same color at once. Then, I painted each of the sections doing one color at a time. I did two coats for the pink and blue and around five coats for the orange. This orange was very thin and frustrating!

Step 8

I painted some left over IKEA knob handles to match the colors of the doors.

Please let me what you think below! Which version do you prefer?! Be on the lookout as I do more DIY projects to finish up this room!

  • DIY Closet Door Mural
  • DIY Closet Door Mural
  • DIY Closet Door Mural

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