DIY Flamingo Wreath and Mirror

DIY Flamingo Wreath
DIY Flamingo Wreath and Mirror

Calling all flamingo lovers! I have got an adorable DIY for you! With Mother’s Day approaching I thought it would be so fun to give my mother-in-law a flamingo themed handmade gift. She adores flamingos so I think she will love this DIY flamingo wreath and mirror!

This is a really simple and quick DIY. After making the wreath I thought it would also be amazing as a mirror so you pick your favorite!

Let me show you how I made this DIY flamingo wreath and mirror.

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Step 1

Paint the wreath ring. Mine was craft cardboard so I decided to paint the 12″ in yellow and the 6″ in green. Spray paint would also be great for this project.

Step 2

Once dry, hot glue the flamingos to the front of the wreath ring all the way around. I had them face each other in pairs. If you are making the wreath, that is it! Depending on how you are hanging this on your door you could glue some ribbon to the back. For the mirror, keep on going to the next step!

Step 3

To make this into a mirror, glue the mirror to the back of the ring (I used my glue gun since mine is the 6″ one). Hot glue a sawtooth hanger to the back of the mirror. Add Gorilla duct tape for more sturdiness. Tada!

So fun, super easy and really cute! Which one did you make – wreath or mirror!??

I think I will make another one and put it up in my RV!

DIY Flamingo Wreath
DIY Flamingo Wreath
DIY Flamingo Wreath

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