DIY Mother’s Day Necklace (From the Kids)

DIY Mothers Day Necklace

Mother’s Day is almost here! My mom, mother-in-law, and I all love receiving handmade gifts from my kiddos any time of year, but Mother’s Day is extra special. My mom’s Kindergarten class typically makes a different version of this DIY Mother’s Day necklace for the occasion so I thought it would be fun to make some my own way!

Here is how I made this simple DIY Mother’s Day necklace with my children’s thumbprints.

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Step 1

Roll out some white air clay in between two pieces of parchment paper with your rolling pin. I don’t have a rolling pin so I used a large dowel I had lying around. I rolled it to about 1/4″ thick.

Step 2

Cut out the hearts with the cookie cutters. I used the two smallest sizes.

Step 3

Dip your finger in a tiny bit of water and smooth out the edges and any rough spots.

Step 4

Stamp each heart with your childs thumb. I did one version where I did a fingerprint from each of my kids on the same heart and one where I did them separately.

Step 5

Using a sewing needle, engrave the back with their name and year or anything else you want!

Step 6

Using the larger stick, make a large hole for the ribbon. I turned it over and made sure the hole was good on the backside too. Then, I dipped my finger in water and smoothed some stuff out again.

Step 7

Wait 24 hours for them to dry. Sand with 220 grit to make the edges smoother. Sand the front and back if necessary without damaging the finger prints. You can skip this step is you want.

Step 8

Paint with the Mod Podge to seal them. Do the front and sides, wait 30 minutes and then do the backs. I did one coat. This gives it a nice smooth finish.

Step 9

Once they are dry use the tip of a paper clip to carefully push the ribbon through. Be very careful! I ruined mine this way and had to start over. They are very fragile. Tie a knot and then tie another knot or bow for the length.

That is it! Such a simple and sweet gift for moms or grandmothers or really anyone who would love this! Regardless of the holiday this would make a very special gift! I made enough for myself and as gifts for my mom and mother in law.

DIY Mothers Day Neclace
DIY Mothers Day Necklace

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