DIY Easter Garland

DIY Easter Garland
DIY Easter Garland

I decorated my last minute Easter table with a few simple items from Target, but it needed a little something else! I decided to make a simple DIY Easter garland from items I had laying around the house. The result ended up being a happy accident!

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I originally dyed the beads pink, yellow, and green with rit dye and had planned to keep them that way. I had intended the colors to be more pastel and faded, but they ended up being really bright. I think it was a combination of the wrong colors and leaving them in the dye for too long (30 seconds). If you would like to dye yours as well, my hanging planter post goes over how to do this in detail, jump to Step 6.

After seeing them on the colorful table, it was way too much. They needed to be white. The fastest way I could think to do this was to string them up outside and spray paint them.

I hung them between two trees with some space in between each bead and used my left over off-white spray paint. I let them dry for about an hour before bringing them into the backyard to finish the garland. I would normally wait 24 hours before working with them. At first, I was disappointed since some of the color was showing through. After a closer look, they had a really interesting marble/pastel vibe and I loved it.

I then tied a white tassel to each end. To make a tassel, I have a great video you can watch as well as step by step instructions here.

To make the bunnies, fold white pipe cleaners and cut at about 1″ long. Hot glue the ears to the back of a white pom pom. Cut 6 tiny pieces of yarn (I used pink) and hot glue them to the white pom pom face. Hot glue a black pom pom in the middle and on top of the string for the nose. I think blue would have been cute too! Tie a white string around the ears to the garland string and knot it. Cut off the excess string.

DIY Easter Garland

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DIY Easter Garland

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