Patio Furniture Makeover

After several years of rain and sun (and no cover!) our Article patio table had seen better days. I had never really loved the weathered grey so I decided to give our patio furniture a makeover with pops of color just in time for Spring.

Old Table
Patio Furniture Makeover

We considered getting new wood for the table top but I am glad we decided to stick with the table as it was. It was in pretty rough shape. As you can see below, the wood was splitting, warping, and the topcoat was peeling.

Here is how we fixed it up:

To start, we sanded the table top down and used wood glue to glue some of the pieces back on that were falling off. Some pieces were popping up so we also used wood glue and clamped them down.

The chairs, side console, and table legs were in great shape so I just washed everything with soap and water and let them dry.

This furniture set was a mix of wood and metal. At first I was researching how to prep galvanized steel for paint and it was feeling overwhelming. Then, I miraculously happened upon a paint transformer called BB Frosch. This product is really incredible. It is 100% natural and makes paint stick to any surface without sanding or priming. You mix it with water per the instructions and then mix it into your paint. If you have any left over you can pour it right back into the paint can for a future project. You will need to put a top coat on your paint after using this product. I am smitten with this product. The paint goes on really smooth and there is great coverage. I will definitely be using this product again.

We purchased our very first paint sprayer for this project and it was totally worth it, especially for the chairs. BB Frosch works really well in paint sprayers! We did two coats of each color and did 4 coats of the top coat. We used the sprayer for the top coats as well.

We let everything dry in the garage for several days and then we put the table back together! Our patio furniture got a colorful makeover and we are ready to enjoy our outdoor space now!

  • Patio Furniture Makeover
  • Patio Furniture Makeover
  • Patio Furniture Makeover
  • Patio Furniture Makeover


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