KidKraft Playhouse Makeover – A DIY Project for Kids

KidKraft Playhouse Makeover

We got this playhouse at the beginning of the COVID19 stay at home order and it has been such a great addition to our yard. After about 9 months I was finally able to give this playhouse a makeover and it sure is pretty to look at now. I want to move in! Let me take you on a tour of our KidKraft playhouse makeover (a great DIY project for kids)!

My eldest’s favorite place is the beach so I wanted to incorporate fun, bright beach colors while also staying true to the modern design of the house.

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KidKraft Playhouse Makeover

I decided to paint the body of the house Simply White. I painted the grill ledge, chalkboard border, picnic table, mailbox and door handle Soft Turquoise. The triangles are from Etsy and were painted Rosy Blush to match the pink in the curtains. The plant is a Japanese Boxwood from Home Depot. I typically prefer to only plant California native plants in our yard but we decided to go with this one for this project.

KidKraft Playhouse Makeover

The house numbers are from CB2 and were on sale when I grabbed them. I chose these numbers to represent my kids birth months. Another fun idea would be to do ‘your house number 1/2’…like it is your backhouse! We attached the numbers horizontally since there is some wood pieces in the way on the inside and this made it simple. I have seen other people do their numbers vertically, so it can be done!

  • KidKraft Modern Playhouse Makeover
  • KidKraft Modern Playhouse Makeover
  • KidKraft Modern Playhouse Makeover
  • KidKraft Modern Playhouse Makeover

The open/closed surfboard sign is something we DIY’d for this makeover! If you are interested in how we did this I have linked to that post here.

KidKraft Modern Playhouse Makeover

The curtain fabric is from Etsy. I purchased 1 yard and it was plenty. Be sure to save the red curtains the house originally came with to use as a template for the new curtains. I just did a really simple hem for mine as sewing is not my strongest skillset.

KidKraft Modern Playhouse Makeover

This plastic cupcake playset is tons of fun and doubles as a rock/leaf collector. The Green Toys brand makes quality toys and I like that they are made from recycled milk jugs.

I wanted something nautical for the back of the playhouse. I found this decorative life preserver on Amazon. The orange also matches the curtains so that is a bonus. Hopefully it will hold up in the sun!

Green toys pizza playset

This pizza playset is also from Green Toys. It comes with a cardboard pizza box, menus, and lots of fun pizza toppings!

Please share if you have also done a makeover on your KidKraft (or similar) modern playhouse. If you have any questions please let me know!



We just had an insane wind storm with 50 to 70 mph gusts and the playhouse didn’t make it. Hopefully we can fix/rebuild the parts that are broken. I would like to note that we have still kept this in our yard in this condition and my kids play in it EVERY day, they still love it!

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